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Daementia is the name of the second Eternal Dream’s LP. In it we provide not just an audio experience but a full concept in which artwork, music and lyrics are parts of an everything. All this will give you a full integral perception of the concept.

Damentia explores all the spectre of emotions and feelings in a human being, transporting us to her psyche using C. Lewis work “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There”, it’s sociocultural context, different versions (TV, movies, videogames…) to give our work it’s own identity and lore. Daementia connects with the listener with different feelings and evoking memories.

The composition evolutioned into a more overwhelming and direct power metal sound. Each song represents a feeling or a mental state, identifying characters or paragraphs created by C. Lewis, giving a different atmosphere to each song. This results in a journey trough mind guided by the music, drawings and literature. Artwork drawed by Ana will complete it’s perception.

This album has been mixed and mastered by one of the best Spanish producers, Dani G in Dynamitay Studios (Asturias). In his resume we can see that he worked with important bands as Darksun or Last Days of Eden, giving Daementia a incredibly professional and detailed sound.

The album its presented in a jewel box and comes with a 16 pages booklet.


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